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Ants Technology Development LTD attaches great importance to the safety of supervision and customer funds. We provide customers with an absolutely safe but transparent trading environment. Since its establishment, we have been committed to creating a safe, stable and convenient online financial trading service for global customers.
Our business covers a wide range, which provides investors with international popular trading products such as precious metals, stock index futures, crude oil, etc.Here, you don’t need to worry about capital risk or technology is too weak, as long as you have investment needs.


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With the help of Ants Technology Development LTD, you will get intelligent and high-speed financial derivatives transaction execution and advanced technology transaction experience.

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Since the establishment of the company, Ants Technology Development LTD has provided an unparalleled foreign exchange trading experience for individual account foreign exchange traders.
By providing absolute transparency Foreign exchange trading environment helps you to tap your own foreign exchange trading advantages


Diversified trading ports perfectly meet your trading needs

MetaTrader 5 (MT5) trading platform is the most popular online financial derivatives trading terminal in the world. By using OneZero MT5 bridging technology, we can connect our deep financial derivatives capital flow pool, making the MT5 trading platform of Ants Technology Development LTD more powerful. Ants Technology Development LTD is working with Metaquotes lnc. to fine tune the optical fiber network, so that the server has the advantage of MT5 platform financial derivatives trading.

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